Weekly House Cleaner’s Pros and Cons

Once, back in history, every good and service were super customized. The shoes were made specially for each client. The music played on each wedding in each country and region was somehow different. Literature traveled harder through the national and language borders and the globalization as a term was not yet developed. Through the time things changed and not long ago the industrialization began. Then people started producing the same products for everyone – the same shoes, the same clothes, the same DVDs. Soon they were brought – franchised and translated – from one country to another and customization died. But we live in an era of change and paradox.

– we produce the same and eat the same, we have the same hobbies and habits. The days we have and the lifestyles we share differ just a little no matter what citizenship or culture we have. But in the same time, we strive to be unique and we are constantly looking for greatness. We want customized shoes – we like the brand, but we want originality. We want unique hairstyle, unique homes, though we share our hairstylists and the furniture providers are global. But the paradoxes are all around and even in our own houses where we cannot help but wonder, do we need a customized cleaning, as well? And if yes, are we competent enough to create and perform it alone? Do we want this service or even do we need it? The weekly house cleaner services become more and more common and we no longer want to let different people enter and take care of our houses from time to time. We want someone who will take it personally, who will know our wishes, requirements, but more than anything our home. Then what are the pros and cons?



The personal house cleaner gets to know your house. She or he is not always there, but knows perfectly well where the most dust is gathered and which windows are getting the most dirt. They are professional, so when they are cleaning they are doing it well and fast. The results are always amazing and you are actually not paying a lot. And the best part is that while you may skip your weekly cleaning from time to time and may end up having a few “dirty” months in a row, the cleaners have fixed schedule and are always there for you, for your house. And thus your home is always clean and always looking insanely perfect. The spring cleaning is just another weekly one and that monster called end of tenancy cleaning is nothing that serious. It is a child’s play indeed.


Well, not everyone likes letting people in their houses and by letting a cleaner in, you are destroying part of your privacy. Soon they will know a lot about your house and your living patterns and you may feel uncomfortably. However, too often when you see the results, you forget about the inconvenience and are ready to subscribe for their services for life.

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